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Marketing is a puzzle that is solved with unique pieces each time, but your brand identity through your logo is a central part of your branding.

Craft Your Unforgettable Brand Identity in Bangalore

Creative Logo design ensures that the personality of your company or brand is conveyed effectively offline and online. We are a well-known and respected creative logo design agency based in Bangalore, India and have expertise in designing logos for various companies to make a first impression in the initial stages of the branding process. As a leading creative logo design agency, our elite team of logo designers are experienced in creating a variety of logos for your business.

Over the years, several marketing trends have been promoted, changed, replicated or improved. But one thing has remained unchanged in every medium and large company – brand identity through Logo Designs! We stand in a commercially dominated world, we cannot ignore the power of public communication through a certain icon on behalf of a brand.

Impressive logo design can make your brand immortal. It leaves the spontaneous impact of the story on your side and keeps the change in the eyes of the audience talking forever. If you are looking for a similar model as we have discussed here, you are definitely in the right place. G FORCE Advertising is one of the best creative logo design agency in Bangalore and we cover your logo and brand identity requirements.

We help you with simple and cost-effective logos. If the customer requests changes, they will be implemented. As the best logo design agency in Bangalore, We create logos with images and fonts suitable for the client’s market niche.

What is a logo design?

Creative Logo design at G FORCE Advertising

Logo design is about creating a company brand. A logo usually consists of a Company name, an image and a slogan. Building trust can help you gain more recognition from your audience. This can have a significant impact on business growth. Logos are easily recognized by humans. Thanks to the logo design, we can stand out from the others. The logo should be easy to remember, simple and designed in raster formats like jpeg, png and vector formats like eps etc. It should also leave a lasting impression on customers. In short, it must be evergreen. As a best creative logo design agency in Bangalore G FORCE Advertising can provide you with all the designs you need.

Elements of Logo Design

We now have a clear idea of what creative logo design is all about. Now let’s look at the elements that make up a logo design.

Typographic design is the art of organizing a message in a textually and visually attractive composition. It is used to create your company’s brand and tagline.
It is up to the customer whether they want a text or image logo. The combination of the two makes brand recognition much easier.
Using different colors helps you communicate in many ways.
  • Blue represents professionalism, trust, Authority, power and loyalty
  • Green represents harmony, natural, healthy, renewal and plentiful
  • Purple represents royalty, luxury, celebration, education and elegance
  • White represents pure, Calm, spiritual, clean and goodwill
  • Orange represents lively, playful, joyous, artistic and energetic
  • Pink represents feminism, innocence, youth and beauty
  • Red represents passion, love, anger, hunger, health, excitement and life
  • Yellow represents happiness, warmth, innovation and caution
  • Brown represents a reliable, solid, masculine and earthy aura
  • Black represents authority, power, mystery, courage, elegance and sophistication

Our Logo Design Services

G FORCE Advertising is a renowned name in the industry specializing in logo creation and creative logo design services in Bangalore, India. Our logo design team understands clients’ business vision and creates a logo that fits your business needs. Our corporate logo design team will work with your team and come up with a stunning corporate logo that will create a strong first impression on your target audience. Our creative team can develop company logos and text logos that make the first impression in the branding process.


The Logo Design Process is a combination of several complex tasks into a simple output. Being the best logo design agency in Bangalore, our team does a lot of research and hard work to bring your vision to life. This is how we turn a rough sketch into a colorful digital design.

Our designer first understands the client’s business & his requirements and designs a brief logo. Then thoroughly research the industry, its history, and its clients’ competitors. Our graphic designers at G FORCE Advertising take the brainstorming and ultimately the concept of ideas and create a probability diagram of the proposed ideas. Our designers then design the Logo digitally and refine the best ones to present to the client. The team of custom logo designers then submits the changes and gets approval from the team leaders before sending the approved logos to the client. After the customer discussion, the final one is selected and if there is feedback from the customer, they will do the changes according to it and resubmit it to the team leader.
If you are looking for a unique and creative logo design agency or company in Bangalore, we can help you design a logo. Before proceeding, it is important to think about what makes a good logo. It should be simple, relevant and memorable for customers. Every logo designer approaches logo creation differently. At G FORCE Advertising, we follow a set of processes:

Creative Brief

We start to get to know the clients' perspectives through an introduction. Let's analyze the requirement and simplify the view from the audience's perspective before proceeding.


Using colors, patterns and images, we offer our clients an idea of how their design will shape their brand logo.


Our experts will research recent market trends. After deep research, we let you choose from, for example, trendy models on the market.


After the completion of the research, we will create a rough draft which we can take to digitize.


After the completion of the draft, we move on to digital creation. Your design acquires meaning, brand and domain through this process.


Now let's sneak into the small details of your brand logo. Our team will consult the customer, regardless of whether they liked the design or not.


We present to you the final digital design of the Logo.


As soon as everything looks good and clean, we will deliver the final Logo to you in a different file format.


This is a great opportunity to express your vision for your business to your audience. A unique and creative logo gives your brand the identity and communication you want.

A logo is the heart and soul of the company or organisation that attracts both new and old customers. It highlights the brand identity and helps you stand out from your competitors. Every business should have a logo because it can have a positive impact. In addition, it can lead to positive referrals from your customers. Customers appreciate consistency, and by introducing new and unique products, you can ensure that your brand stays on their minds and stays true to your brand.

Apple is the most visible example. The logo should be the focus of all brochures, flyers, business cards and advertisements. Without a logo, your business will suffer and you will be quickly forgotten. While you might not think about getting a logo when you start a business. Some of us even believe that it is not necessary. However, when a logo is created for your business, it draws attention, sets you apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. In business, the most visible element is the logo. A logo redesign should only be done when your brand is changed.

Immediate Recognition
A well-designed logo helps your audience get to know you better. Among the billions, your product labels can be well known by a unique engraved design in a solid color and evergreen font. With an authentic, interactive logo, your customer will instantly recognize the brand when they pick up your services from anywhere in the world.
The pinnacle of professionalism
The descriptive logo tells you that you are serious about your business. It describes the fair side of the growth and professionalism of competitors. And above all, your logo expresses trust in the company. Small business owners need a logo design to create a brand identity. This can quickly improve your brand identity. On the other hand, large companies need a logo to mark their public presence. This stamps the copyright on your services.
Consistent Brand Recall
Your logo can be seen everywhere you go. From business cards to your website, stationery, products and advertisements, the logo stays the same until you decide to change the design. Once you have established a significant place in the market, customers will look for your brand logo based on the originality of the product. This will increase sales, product quality and unique output over time.
Differentiation by design, that Matters!
Creating a logo for your business means you are serious. Many companies operate in this industry without a logo and customers question the originality of the products before buying them. This leads to a decrease in sales and growth of the company. With creative design, you convey the core value of the brand to your customers. It is also psychological because the audience reacts to the color and font used in your logo.
Consciously and unconsciously missing

The brand identity aims to capture an audience through a combination of color, shape, fonts and image. The iconic logo design and brand identities have always been lacking in the conscious and subconscious minds of potential customers. A great & creative logo design is the first step to brand greatness. Let us help you get it right!


How much does a creative logo design cost?

A creative logo design project can vary according to the details of the project, it also depends on the type of logo like simple, 2d, 3d etc. However, the price of a logo is determined by certain factors, such as who makes it, the purpose of its creation, and the quality of the design.

Do you ask for an advance payment before starting a project?
Yes, we charge 50% of the agreed price before starting the logo design project.
Can I pay you after seeing some ideas or sketches?
An idea or sketch is the most valuable element of a logo design project, so don’t expect it from us for free.
How long does it take to deliver the logo?
There is no specific time frame for designing a logo as it involves certain steps. In some cases, you can emphasize brand identity, which requires a little more brain when creating a logo. If you work with an experienced specialist, they can compress several stages of logo design and deliver a solid logo in 2-3 days.
What does creative logo design include?

To be honest, a creative logo has a lot of details about the company. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, most clients prefer a simple, informative, clear and communicative logo for their company and service.

This is the public face of your brand. What you want to post is entirely your decision and marketing strategy. However, here are some important things that a quality authentic logo design brings.

  • Design that conveys your brand taste to the world
  • The right font, color and effect to enhance your logo
  • Wordmarks (usually consisting of either the company name or the meaning of the brand name)
  • Unique Brand Mark
  • Combinations of designs and emblems
Do you accept my suggestions to design my logo?

Yes. Of course, we will.

The best logo designs are created when the client’s wishes are accurately understood. This helps us get closer to the design and visualize exactly what you want for your brand.

Can you change an existing logo?

Why not!

Our team can transform your old logo into a brand-new one. Maybe you love the new model so much that you forget what it looked like before. But for the change to be significant, you need to communicate with the logo designer about your preferences. Whether you want a completely newer version or a small challenge change, we will carefully fix it for you.

What if I don't like your logo design concept?

This is a rare occasion; in such cases, we will work on your project until you are 100% satisfied.

Can the team help me figure out what I want?

This is one support we can promise you all the time. You can start by choosing a specific style from our selection! We then modify it according to your brand, industry type and preferences. But the whole process gets better when you do your logo design homework. There are many options available online. You can research and choose specific styles and consult with our team!

Planning to create a Unique and Beautiful Logo for your Company or a Product?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

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